Offered By Faculty of Computer Science and Technology

No Course Code Course Description Year Semester
1CST-1111Principle of Information TechnologyFirst YearSemester I
2CST-2133Digital Logic DesignSecond YearSemester III
3CST-2254Circuit and ElectronicsSecond YearSemester IV
4CST-2201 (SS)Supporting Skill (III)Second YearSemester IV
5CST-3131Computer Architecture & OrganizationThird YearSemester V
6CT-3134Electronics (Electronic Devices)Third YearSemester V
7CT-3135Control SystemsThird YearSemester V
8CT-3136 (SK)Skills & Knowledge (II) [Linux Fundamentals and Administration]Third YearSemester V
9CT-3234Computer Architecture and Organization-IIThird YearSemester VI
10CST-3235Network and CommunicationThird YearSemester VI
11CT-4132Digital DesignFourth YearSemester VII
12CT-4133Computer Networks IIFourth YearSemester VII
13CT-4134Embedded System IFourth YearSemester VII
14CT-4233Cryptography and Information SecurityFourth YearSemester VIII
15CT-4234Embedded System IIFourth YearSemester VIII
16CT-4235Elective I [Fuzzy and Neural Network]Fourth YearSemester VIII
17CT-5132Elective IV [Digital Media Processing]Fifth YearSemester IX
18CT-5133Elective V [Network]Fifth YearSemester IX
19CT-5134Elective VI [Embedded]Fifth YearSemester IX