Offered By Faculty of Information Science

No Course Code Course Description Year Semester
1CST-1101(SS)Supporting Skill (I) [Priciple Logic and Design]First YearSemester I
2CST-2124Database Management SystemSecond YearSemester III
3CST-2223Software EngineeringSecond YearSemester IV
4CS-3124Software Analysis and DesignThird YearSemester V
5CS-3125Database System StructureThird YearSemester V
6CS-3224Software Quality Assurance and TestingThird YearSemester VI
7CST-4124Software Project ManagementFourth YearSemester VII
8CST-4125Software Engineering Senior ProjectFourth YearSemester VII
9CST-4126Information Assurance and SecurityFourth YearSemester VII
10CST-4223Cyber Security and Digital ForensicsFourth YearSemester VIII
11CST-4225Elective II-A [Advanced Database]Fourth YearSemester VIII
12CST-5122Open-Source Software EngineeringFifth YearSemester IX
13CS-5124Elective II-B [ Data Science]Fifth YearSemester IX