Offered By Department of Information Technology Supporting and Maintenance

No Course Code Course Description Year Semester
1CST-1101 (SS)Supporing Skill (I) [Microsoft Office 365]First YearSemester I
2CST-1201 (SS)Supporing Skill (II) [Advanced Office 365]First YearSemester II
3CST-2155 (SK)Skill & Knowledge (I) [Web Platform-based Development (HTML+CSS)]Second YearSemester III
4CST-2254Web Technology [Java Script Programming]Second YearSemester IV
5CS-3156 (SK)Skill & Knowledge (II) [Web Development PHP]Third YearSemester V
6CST-3157 (SK)Skill & Knowledge (III) [Financial Management & Accounting]Third YearSemester V
7CST-3256Human Computer InteractionThird YearSemester VI
8CST-3257 (SS)Applied Database and Application (ADO.Net, C#)Third YearSemester VI
9CST-4257Elective IV-A [Business Information System]Fourth YearSemester VIII
10CST-5156Elective IV-B [Business Information System]Fifth YearSemester IX