University of Computer Studies, Pathein

University of Computer Studies, Pathein

University of Computer Studies, Pathein



Originally founded as the Government Computer College (GCC) in the 4th September, 2000. The college campus was located at Lwonkan quarter, Pathein Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. The college was promoted as the University of Computer Studies (Pathein) in 20th January 2007. The new university campus locates near the pathein bridge was opened in 22th April 2010. Since then the university moved to a new location at no. (9) region, Htin Poneseik quarter, Pathein Township. The main activities of the university include teaching, learning and research and providing educational services for the state and society. The following vision and mission are set to carry out the university’s core activities successfully. The university senate takes the responsibilities.


  • The university will be upgraded from the South East Asia to Internationally recognized university in the information technology sector.
  • The university will build the best in learning and research that will benefit to the local with quality-based curriculum and research-based teaching and learning.
  • The university will develop the professional human resources for the sustainable development of the nation by opening the computer science and technology courses and Lifelong learning programs.
  • The university will actively cooperate with domestic and foreign universities and organizations by implementing the university development plan.


  • To train the young people with modern computer science and technology and knowledge and develop them as an internationally qualified professional and competent decision-maker
  • To participate in the skilled labor needs of the state and region and to get good job opportunities
  • To increase the use of ICT in local socio-economic activities and to develop information and technology sector in local and nation
  • To cultivate the research practices continuously and fulfill the technical requirements of local and nation’s needs with the research results
  • To establish a quality assurance system and upgrade the university’s standard of education to international level
  • To cooperate actively with domestic, foreign universities and organizations and expanding academic areas
  • To build a university education environment that provides the needs of local communities and the nation