Fourth year [Semester VIII]

No Course Code Course Description Course Type Pre-requisite Department Credit Units
1CST-4211Parallel and Distributed ComputingCoreCST-3211,CST-4111Faculty of Computer Science3
2CST-4214Elective I-A [ Advanced Artificial Intelligence ]ElectiveCST-3113Faculty of Computer Science3
3CST-4216Elective III-A [ Net-Centric Computing ]Elective-Faculty of Computer Science3
4CT-4233Cryptography and Information SecurityCore-Faculty of Computer Science and Technology3
5CT-4234Embedded System IICoreCT-4134Faculty of Computer Science and Technology3
6CT-4235Elective I [Fuzzy and Neural Network]Elective-Faculty of Computer Science and Technology3
7CST-4223Cyber Security and Digital ForensicsCoreCS-4126Faculty of Information Science3
8CST-4225Elective II-A [Advanced Database]ElectiveCS-3124Faculty of Information Science3
9CST-4242Modelling & SimulationCoreCST-3242Faculty of Computing3
10CST-4257Elective IV-A [Business Information System]ElectiveCST-3157Department of Information Technology Supporting and Maintenance3