Third year [Semester V]

No Course Code Course Description Course Type Pre-requisite Department Credit Units
1CST-3113Artificial IntelligenceCoreCST-2133Faculty of Computer Science3
2CST-3131Computer Architecture & OrganizationCoreCST-2133Faculty of Computer Science and Technology3
3CS-3124Software Analysis and DesignCoreCST-2223Faculty of Information Science3
4CS-3125Database System StructureCoreCST-2124Faculty of Information Science3
5CST-3142Numerical Analysis [Numerical Methods for Differential Equations]CoreCST-2142Faculty of Computing3
6CS-3156 (SK)Skill & Knowledge (II) [Web Development PHP]Elective-Department of Information Technology Supporting and Maintenance2
7CST-3157 (SK)Skill & Knowledge (III) [Financial Management & Accounting]Elective-Department of Information Technology Supporting and Maintenance1